Enfamil A+® is a routine starter infant formula for healthy term babies from 0-12 months of age. Enfamil A+® 2 is our next stage of infant formula specially designed for babies 6-18 months of age. When your infant is around six-months-old, you may switch from Enfamil A+ and may use Enfamil A+ 2 as a next step.

Why would I switch to Enfamil A+ 2?

To start, Enfamil A+ 2 actually shares a lot in common with Enfamil A+. Enfamil A+ and Enfamil A+ 2 both contain brain-building DHA, a type of Omega-3 fat and an important building block of your baby’s brain. Both also include two dietary fibres, galacotooligosaccharides (GOS) and polydextrose, to help support digestive health.

However, at six months, nutritional needs change. Calcium recommendations for babies increase after 6 months and double after the age of one.  Enfamil A+ 2 has more calcium than Enfamil A+ to help build strong bones and teeth. Enfamil A+ 2 also has age-appropriate levels of iron and protein.

A lot changes at six months, including new energy, new abilities and a newly emerging personality. Your baby’s formula can change too! And Enfamil A+ 2 could be a good choice for your little one. Learn more about switching to Enfamil A+ 2 is right for your baby today.