When it comes to choosing formula for babies, there’s nothing like a recommendation from a trusted source. Whether it comes from your doctor, the hospital where your baby was born or another Mom, it gives you confidence you’ve made a good choice for your baby.

Enfamil A+® is the #1 formula brand recommended by pediatricians.

Moms often rely on their doctors to guide them through important choices concerning their baby’s care—especially during the first year when doctor visits happen so regularly. Pediatricians could recommend any formula brand: Nestlé®, Similac® or even another. The fact that Enfamil A+® is recommended more by pediatricians than any other brand means a lot—and certainly helps you feel confident choosing Enfamil A+ brands.

Enfamil A+® is the #1 infant formula chosen by pediatric hospitals

Enfamil A+ formula for babies is the #1 infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians. It’s not surprising that Enfamil A+ is also the #1 infant formula chosen by pediatric hospitals. So there’s a good chance Enfamil A+ was a trusted source of nutrition in the hospital where you gave birth. That means nurses and doctors feel good about giving Enfamil A+ formulas to babies right from the start. We even have specialized formulas for premature or low birth weight babies while they’re in the Neonatal Unit — and once they’re released from the hospital.

Enfamil A+® formulas have DHA for growing brains and Enfamil A+ is our closest formula to breast milk.

Our formula for babies has DHA, an important nutrient for your baby’s growing brain. It’s a great formula to start your baby on and is available in nipple ready Nursette® bottles. We also have tailored formulas for babies at 6 months, babies with feeding issues and nutritional milk drinks for toddlers that also have brain nourishing DHA. Furthermore, Enfamil A+ has a fibre blend that can help promote good bacteria. Good bacteria help support the immune system.

A baby’s brain more than doubles in size in the first year of life. A baby’s brain contains Omega-3 fat and most of that fat is DHA, an important building block of the brain. That’s why DHA is important for your child early in life. In fact, 9 out of 10 doctors agree that DHA-enriched nutrition is a practical way to support normal brain development. Formulas with DHA have been studied for over 20 years. Enfamil A+ formulas have DHA. These formulas are a good way to support normal brain development during the first year of life.


DHA contributes to the visual development of infants up to 12 months of age.

In 2009, Mead Johnson was the first and only company in the industry to receive a scientific endorsement from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for this infant formula health claim. It went on to be approved by the European Commission and member States for publication. Well over 100 safety-related studies have been conducted on the sources of DHA and ARA used in our formulas, creating a unique and impressive database.

Most important of all, Enfamil A+® is the #1 choice of Moms like you.

While you may come to Enfamil A+ based on professional recommendations, you may also have learned about our products from a family member or a friend. First-time Moms are happy to share their success stories while trying to select formula for babies. And Moms who’ve used Enfamil A+ for one child tend to stay with it for their other children and continue to recommend it to other Moms. In addition to Enfamil A+, which has a clinically proven level of DHA to help support cognitive development, here are some other formulas that are first in their categories. Many Moms rely on these formulas because of the ways they help babies with feeding issues.

Enfamil A+ Gentlease®: first in sales of Solutions products*

Designed to be tummy friendly and easy to digest†, Enfamil A+ Gentlease® can be a smart switch for you and your baby. Since a baby’s digestive system can be delicate, you want to do all you can to make feeding go smoothly.

* According to Nielsen sales data
† Similar to all other infant formulas

Enfamil A+® for feeding babies who frequently Spit Up: the first and only formula of its kind

Expertly designed to help reduce frequent spit-up, Enfamil A+® for feeding babies who frequently Spit Up can help babies keep down the nourishment they take in.

Nutramigen® A+® with LGG®: the first formula introduced for management of milk protein allergy

Proven hypoallergenic by more than 25 clinical studies, Nutramigen® formula for babies has been helping babies with cow’s milk protein allergy feel better for over 70 years.

With the publication of the 70th scientific study proving its effectiveness, the brand reached a milestone in 2011 — marking 70 years and 70 studies. Since that time, several more studies on Nutramigen have been published — making Nutramigen the most published and scientifically supported formula of its kind.

When choosing something as important as your baby’s nutrition, it surely helps to know you’re using a product that leads its category or comes highly recommended by those you trust.

To see what Moms are saying about Enfamil A+ in their very own words, take a look at Why Enfamil A+? Because other Moms tell our story best.

Hundreds of studies support your decision to feed Enfamil A+ to your precious baby.

Over the past four decades, the maker of Enfamil A+, Mead Johnson Nutrition, has conducted nearly 500 studies demonstrating our commitment to science-based innovation in pediatric nutrition. When studies are important, others want to know about them. That’s why, since 2005, studies supported by Mead Johnson have resulted in nearly 90 published manuscripts. Clinical trials are important to not only our company, but also to our consumers. We supported more than 60 clinical trials in four important areas in 2013 alone: brain development, prematurity, immunology and allergy management. What does this help us do? It allows us to translate the latest findings into innovations that nourish infants and children.

There’s nothing like a good start in life.

The maker of Enfamil A+®, Mead Johnson, believes that the nutrition received early in life makes a lifelong difference in health. That’s why our sole purpose is to advance and apply the science that helps shape the future of pediatric nutrition.

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