Enfamil A+® NeuroProTM is a routine starter, milk-based infant formula for infants 0+ months of age. With our closest infant formula ever to breast milk, Enfamil A+® NeuroProTM provides complete nutrition to nourish and support the amazing development of baby’s precious first year. Our formula has brain- building1 and immune supporting nutrients2 so baby can thrive during this time of wonder. Enfamil A+® NeuroProTM provides complete nutrition and has an expert-recommended level of DHA3 which supports normal physical brain development, our exclusive HuMO6TM blend including 2’-FL for immune support, and naturally occurring MFGM components4 . Breastfeeding is best for babies and is preferred whenever possible.

1 DHA helps support normal physical brain development.

2 HuMO6™ blend of 2’-FL, GOS, Polydextrose, Vitamin C & E, and Selenium.

3 World Health Organization recommended amount of DHA is 0.2%-0.36% of total fatty acids. Enfamil has 0.32% of total fatty acids as DHA, similar to the world average amount found in world-wide mature breast milk.

4 From whey protein concentrate.