The Canadian Paediatric Society, Dietitians of Canada and Health Canada recommend that all healthy term breastfed babies receive a daily vitamin D supplement of 400 IU. Since vitamin D is already added to infant formula, formula fed babies may be getting sufficient vitamin D. However, a baby will need to drink about 4 - 250 mL (8 fl oz) bottles of formula per day to get the recommended 400 IU of vitamin D.

Health Canada further recommends that breastfed babies get daily vitamin D supplements at birth until they are 1 year of age or until the baby’s diet provides at least 400 IU of vitamin D from other dietary sources.

Babies in northern communities (north of 55o, which is about the level of Edmonton) or babies living between the 40th and 55th parallel who have other risk factors (such as dark skin) should get 800 IU per day between October and April, when there is less sunlight.

Formula fed babies in northern communities should receive a supplement of 400 IU per day during October to April to ensure they have enough vitamin D.

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