If your baby seems to be spitting up excessively, ask your baby's doctor about thickened formulas created to help reduce spit up.

Also, try these simple hints:

  • Make each feeding as relaxed as possible for him.
  • Feed him smaller amounts.
  • Try to avoid disruptions like bright lights or unusual noises during a feeding.
  • If your baby is crying and frantic with hunger, calm her before the feeding. That might prevent her from gulping air.
  • Keep your baby in an upright position while you feed her.
  • Burp your baby after every 2-3 fluid ounces.
  • Avoid bouncing and very active play right after eating.
  • Make sure the hole in the bottle's nipple is the right size. When you turn the bottle upside down, a few drops of formula should come out. Then the dripping should stop.

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