About Enfamil A+

Whether you choose to formula feed baby or supplement breast milk with formula, Enfamil A+ is a great choice for helping to meet your baby’s dietary needs.

Our closest formula to breast milk, Enfamil A+ contains a clinically proven level of DHA, an important building block of the brain. Nine out of ten doctors would choose a DHA-enriched formula like Enfamil A+ for their own children, as it is a practical way to support normal brain development in infants. DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, is important for normal brain and eye development in babies. Baby’s brain will never grow this quickly again—ensure they’re getting that brain-building DHA.

Savings & Perks with My Family Beginnings by Enfamil A+

Whether you’re a first-time mom trying to select and save on the best formula for your baby or you’ve recently returned to the land of newborns and formula, join My Family Beginnings by Enfamil A+

Become a part of a supportive community of experts and moms, enjoy a subscription to Your New Baby magazine, and receive up to $160 in Enfamil A+ coupon savings plus formula samples and gifts for baby. What’re you waiting for? Join today and let Enfamil A+ help you on your journey with your growing baby.

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