There are a few reasons why your premature baby may be transferred from the NICU she was first taken to and into a different unit or facility:

  • Sometimes, depending on your hospital, babies are transferred to a "stepdown" nursery, where it's quieter and there are fewer machines.
  • If you live a long distance from your NICU, your premature baby may be transferred to a hospital nursery near your home. A hospital transfer will be discussed with you in advance and will occur only after the neonatologist, your local doctor, and you agree that the transfer is appropriate. In most cases, a hospital transfer will take place by ambulance.

If your baby is transferred, don't be surprised if you experience some feelings of anxiety. Leaving a familiar place where you are comfortable and adjusted is often hard.
Just remember, even if they do things a little differently, your baby's new care providers are just as concerned about her well-being as the NICU staff. Give yourself time to get used to the new faces and surroundings.

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