Communication and Social Development

At this point, your baby will not only begin to recognize your voice, but will also begin to respond to your voice with vowel-like sounds (vocalize, gurgle and coo). What’s more, he may openly exhibit his pleasure in being held and spoken to and even give you his first responsive smile.
It is an ideal time to stimulate his linguistic skills with simple language games. Engage in activities such as “vocal volley” where you make sounds and encourage him to imitate them. By doing so, he will learn that taking turns is the key to making conversation. Play when he is alert and ready. It is recommended to hold him in an upright position on your lap while supporting his head so that you may “talk” face to face.

Why is Nutrition Important?

Your baby requires complete nutrition to drive his developmental progress. It is especially important that he consume adequate amounts of DHA and ARA (sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats) that support his normal brain and eye development, and healthy growth.

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