You can foster healthy eating habits in your toddler by:

  • Offering nutritious foods from the four food groups, according to Canada's Food Guide
  • Setting regular meal and snack times – approximately every 2-3 hours
  • Respecting your toddler’s appetite – let her determine how much she wants to eat
  • Serving meals and snacks at the same time each day
  • Setting a good example - your child is more likely to eat her carrots if you eat yours
  • Involving your toddler in planning menus, shopping or cooking
  • Avoiding using food as a reward – praise her with words instead
  • Making mealtimes fun - try different shapes, colours, flavours, textures and finger foods
  • Allowing her to take her time - within a reasonable time limit
  • Serving small portions – and let her have another portion if she wants. Toddlers are intimidated by large amounts of food.
  • Offering plenty of choices – for example, let her choose between carrots or broccoli.
  • Encouraging family mealtimes – children who eat meals regularly with their family tend to have healthier eating habits.
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