Mom’s Tip of the Week 6

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Ginger may help ease morning sickness. If you’re still facing nausea while 6 weeks pregnant, try foods that contain ginger, ginger ale, or ginger lollipops, which help some women manage symptoms. Also try eating foods that are bland and low in fat, as well as having smaller portions more often instead of three larger meals.

Your Baby at 6 Weeks Pregnant

What’s Happening in There

  • Your baby at 6 weeks is less than a quarter of an inch long. Right now, her body resembles a C shape. Because she will spend much of your pregnancy with her legs tightly curled into her body, she is measured from crown (the top of her head) to rump (her bottom).
  • Her features are taking shape. Her inner ear areas and jaw are beginning to form. Also making an appearance this week are two small black dots on your baby’s face that will eventually turn into her eyes.
  • Her digestive and respiratory tracts are forming.
  • She has visible arm and leg buds at this stage. At 6 weeks pregnant, bones are just starting to grow, but they won’t ossify, or harden, for a while.
  • Her heart will begin to beat by week’s end.For most moms, this is the most exciting development of week 6. You may be able to see your baby’s heart beating on an ultrasound.

Baby Brain Waves

Your Baby’s Brain Is Developing

At this point, your baby’s brain and spinal cord are in the early stages of development. The neural tube along your baby’s back is closing this week (it will ultimately form the brain and spinal cord). Also, your baby’s brain is now configuring into five distinct areas. You can even see some cranial nerves. That healthy diet and prenatal supplement with DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is fueling her brain (as well as her visual development) at this important stage.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Real Issues, Real Solutions

The issue: Pregnancy is causing cravings.

The solution: Though hormones may drive food cravings, aim for overall balanced nutrition. Craving sweets? Try fresh fruit. Craving crunchy? Try whole grain cereal or granola. Craving creamy and cold? Try low fat yogurt. Reading food labels can help you make wise food choices.

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