Mom’s Tip of the Week 31

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You should be gaining about a pound a week. during your third trimester. But don’t be obsessed with the scale. As long as you’re eating a healthful diet and getting exercise, you’re doing the best things possible for you and your baby. Your doctor will let you know if he has any concerns.

Your Baby at 31 Weeks Pregnant

What’s Happening in There

  • Your baby at 31 weeks weighs about more than 3 pounds and is about 18 inches in length from head to toe.
  • His digestive system is maturing. By the time you are 31 weeks pregnant, your little one is urinating like a pro; he’s depositing several cups a day into the amniotic fluid (thank goodness it’s so effective at removing waste).
  • He’s able to regulate his body temperature. This is thanks to developments in your baby’s central nervous system.
  • He’s developing a sleep cycle. Because your baby’s brain is developing rapidly, he needs more rest to recuperate. He’ll be getting more REM sleep, and you’ll start to notice patterns of when he’s awake (moving around and hiccupping) and when he’s asleep (resting peacefully).

Baby Brain Waves

Your Baby’s Brain Is Developing

It’s all about the brain this week! Your baby will make trillions of brain connections. What does this mean? His eyes can follow light—in fact, all of his five senses are hard at work. And his brain is now able to process a variety of information, coordinating everything in his body.

Pregnancy Health

Real Issues, Real Solutions

The issue: Being 31 weeks pregnant and entering the home stretch, you might be more tempted to cuddle up on the couch than move for fitness.

The solution: There are some surprisingly simple ways to stay active in your last trimester.

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