Mom’s Tip of the Week 26

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Stretching can ease nighttime leg cramps. Experts aren’t sure why the second and third trimesters of pregnancy are often accompanied by painful spasms in the calf muscles, feet, or both. You can try to prevent cramps by staying hydrated, being active, and wearing comfortable shoes with good support. When a cramp strikes, try flexing and pointing the foot of the sore leg. Gently massaging the calf may also loosen the muscle. If the leg pain does not resolve quickly, or if you have swelling, warmth, or redness, call your doctor right away.

Your Baby at 26 Weeks Pregnant

What’s Happening in There

  • Your baby at 26 weeks weighs about just under 2 pounds and is nine inches long.
  • She’s able to see. Your little one’s eyes were sealed for months to allow for the development of the retina, which brings images into focus. Now that you are 26 weeks pregnant she’s able to slowly open her eyes and start blinking.
  • Her eye color is still a mystery. By the time you’re 26 weeks pregnant, though, there’s very little pigment in your baby’s irises (around the pupil), but it will develop in the coming months. Some babies’ eyes are blue or gray at birth but may change color within the first year.
  • She’s looking more and more adorable. Her eyelashes continue to grow, as do her hair and recently sprouted fingernails. She still looks a bit wrinkly, but don’t worry; as she continues to add fat, her skin will smooth out.
  • Her lungs have reached a major milestone. Terminal sacs are appearing; they will eventually become alveoli, the compartments in the lungs that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. This step is important for surviving outside of the womb.

Baby Brain Waves

Your Baby’s Brain Is Developing

Those brain waves are shifting into high gear this week! At 26 weeks pregnant, your baby is now able (and likely) to respond to outside stimuli (such as sound or light near your belly) with excited movements or an increase in pulse rate.

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