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It’s time to schedule a childbirth class. You’re entering the last week of your sixth month, which is also the end of your second trimester. That means you’re two thirds of the way to the big day! Talk to your health-care team about where you can attend classes that offer guidance on birthing options and newborn care.

Your Baby at 27 Weeks Pregnant

What’s Happening in There

  • Your baby at 27 weeks is nearly 15 inches long. Until now, he has been measured from crown to rump, but starting this week, we’ll be talking about your baby’s measurements from head to toe. As for his weight, at 27 weeks pregnant, it’s just about 2 pounds.
  • His organs and systems are maturing. Your little one’s lungs, liver, and immune system are continuing to develop. Even though they are not functioning 100 percent, if your baby were to be born this week, his chances of survival would be very good.
  • His taste buds are sensitive to what you eat. Expose your little one to a variety of flavors through your diet of healthful foods. He might even react to certain tastes with a little kick or hiccup.
  • He’s listening to you. Even though your baby’s hearing is still muffled by a coat of vernix (wax) over his ears, he may have matured enough in his hearing development by the time you are 27 weeks pregnant to recognize familiar voices.

Baby Brain Waves

Your Baby’s Brain Is Developing

As your baby is becoming more sensitive to noises outside, he is also learning habituation—that is, how to tune out the everyday sounds that might otherwise be annoying or distracting. It’s the skill that we use as adults to ignore background conversations or the hum of a nearby highway. And it’s an early way that your baby’s brain uses memory —remembering everyday sounds to help him separate them from new ones.

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