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Physical development at the age of 18 months? Discover the development milestones of a 18-month old child.

Physical Development

Large Muscle Development

If she's started walking, you probably can't get her to stop. She’ll probably be shaky at first, so make sure she has a safe place for walking practice. As she feels more confident, she'll be able to jump and to walk up a single stair with a rail or climb onto a low chair. She may want to repeat the same activity 20 times, and that’s fine as long as she’s safe.

Small Muscle Development

Soon she'll be able to stack blocks, scribble, and place a few pegs in a pegboard. Give her large, easy to grasp crayons and sheets of paper to scribble on—it's great for improving her eye-hand coordination. If her development is ahead of schedule, she may try to draw a circle or a vertical line.

How Can Nutrition Help?

Without adequate nutrition, your toddler’s muscles may be weak and slow to develop. Toddlers need to be fed more often than adults to keep up with the demands of their fast-growing bodies. Be sure yours is getting her fill of nutritious, balanced meals and snacks every day.