Up and Down
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Welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series! “Up and Down” is a game that helps develop motor skills in babies at 11 months. Let’s go over what makes this activity so beneficial. It encourages motor development through independent movement of the waist and limbs. It favours exploration of their environment. It strengthens bonding and self-esteem. Ready? Let’s begin. First, place your little one on the floor next to their bed and sit down next to them. Grab their favourite toy, and while showing it to them, place it on the bed, ensuring it’s out of their reach. Encourage your child to climb onto the bed to get to the toy. Then, put the toy on the floor, encouraging them to climb back down. If your baby doesn’t climb down backward, guide them, showing them the correct position to get down safely. Repeat the exercise several times, praising your little one each time they succeed in climbing up or down. This activity will help stimulate their motor development and boost their confidence to explore their favourite spots around the house. Find more development-focused games for your child at Enfamil.ca.

Up and Down

This activity is a fun way for your baby to develop their motor skills at 11 months. It encourages motor development through independent movement of the waist and the limbs. it also favours the exploration of their environment. Do not leave your infant unattended on the bed as the baby can fall off the bed leading to potential injury.

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