Sounds everywhere
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Hello, and welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series. “Sounds Everywhere” is a cognitive development game for babies at 6 months. Here’s why it’s beneficial for your child: It promotes differentiating various sounds. It develops their ability to pay attention and concentrate. It stimulates their curiosity to explore objects and their environment. Let’s get started! Seat your child in their stroller or baby seat. Position yourself facing them. Now, without showing them what you’re doing, crumple a piece of paper near their ear. Wait a few seconds, and then make another sound using a rattle. Your little one will react differently to each sound, despite not seeing the paper or rattle. Repeat the exercise several times. The more they practice, the more your baby will react to and start to differentiate various sounds. Looking for more development-boosting games for your child? Visit

Sounds everywhere

This activity helps your growing 6 months baby to promote differentiating various sounds, and to develop their ability to pay attention and concentrate. This game is a fun way to stimulate their curiosity to explore objects, and their environment.

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