Introducing New Foods to Toddlers
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do you worry about your toddler being a fussy eater the secret is to have a plan to avoid making a battle out of trying new foods introduce foods with different flavors and textures many toddlers go through stages where they refuse to eat certain foods continue offering new foods even if your child says no it's normal to serve a new food ten or fifteen times before a child even tries it so keep trying second keep portions small too much on the plate gets overwhelming make sure to offer new foods with favourites finally make eating fun don't fuss about table manners yet toddlers who get to touch and play with food may be more likely to try new things eat a variety of foods and show enthusiasm yourself your toddler imitates your food attitudes the same way he imitates you waving bye-bye never cope snag or insist on a clean plate although you might be tempted it doesn't work but patience does

Introducing New Foods to Toddlers

Make mealtime a happy time with these helpful recommendations on introducing new foods to toddlers:

  1. Introduce foods with different flavours and textures

  2. Keep portions small

  3. Make eating fun