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Once your child begins gaining independence, and gets acquainted to the word no, chances are, you'll be hearing it every so often in the kitchen. Here's a tip that can help. Smoothies work wonders as a secret weapon. By blending certain foods your toddler's not too crazy about with flavors they're more partial to. You'll provide them with some of the essential nutrients they need. It's also important to include DHA in your toddler's diet. DHA enriched toddler nutritional drinks are an easy way to provide them with DHA. Which is an important building block of the brain. And they can be served with a meal or as a nutritious snack. Finally, while parents are responsible for setting the frequency and timing of nutrient rich meals and snacks, your child should decide how much or whether they want to eat. Children will compensate for consuming less during some meals by eating more during others.

Toddler Tips: Feeding Your Toddler | Enfamil Canada

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Feeding your toddler can be a challenge as they get acquainted with the word no. In this episode we give some great recipes to help you include DHA rich foods in your toddler's diet.