Your toddler's physical capacity is increasing rapidly. Be sure she's getting appropriate amounts of essential nutrients to fuel her milestone accomplishments. Here are some ideal activities to foster healthy physical development:

For the Large Muscles

  • Diversify your toddler's terrain: start off on a smooth, level surface until she learns to walk, then take her into the yard or on the beach.
  • Investigate the stairs, but only when you can be there to ensure her safety. Otherwise, use a baby gate to block the way.
  • Explore the neighbourhood. Go for a walk with her pull toy.
  • Play outside. Draw with sidewalk chalk or play in the sandbox.
  • Chase bubbles or play tag.

For the Small Muscles

  • String large beads onto a string.
  • Run small cars on a track.
  • Fold clothes.
  • Roll and pinch modelling clay.
  • Read together. Let her hold the book and turn the pages when you're ready.
  • Push buttons on toys like play phones, remotes and cash registers.
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