Pretend being a grownup

Give him toy versions of things like mobile phones, cooking utensils, a vacuum or iron and watch him get to work.

Give him jobs

Toddlers usually enjoy imitating you—so give him a job. Show him where the folded laundry goes, and ask him to put it away for you—but expect a mess! Let him dust surfaces in the living room with a damp cloth, keeping in mind there’s no right or wrong way for him to do this job.

Discovery bin

Fill up a plastic bin with dry pasta and hide toys or treats your toddler can discover and play with. When he’s done, help him can pick up any spilled pasta.

Stick with stickers

Toddlers can’t seem to resist brightly coloured stickers. Give your toddler a sheet or two of stickers, some paper and two or three crayons and he’ll likely keep busy for some time.

Spicy fun

Put a few spice jars out in an accessible spot. Spice jars are fun to stack, roll, shake and so on. Just make sure the lids are tightly screwed on!

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