35 weeks gestational age - delivery

At 37 weeks, he is considered full-term. His body and brain may be ready for life outside the womb. He will move into fetal position and drop down into your pelvis. He may be around 7 pounds, and between 18 and 21 inches long.

Brain Development

During weeks 36 to 40, your baby continues to make the necessary connections that he will need to support his cognitive development (learning). His brain is now ready for life outside the womb. In order for your baby to reach all of these milestones, he must receive the proper nourishment. Contribute to his success by consuming a well-balanced diet of, wholesome foods that provide valuable nutrients such as DHA and ARA (sources of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats), that support his normal brain and eye development and healthy growth.

Lightening: Delivery Position

At this point in the pregnancy, your baby will move into fetal position with his head down and his arms and legs pulled against his chest. The bones of his head are soft and flexible now, to make it easier for him to move through the birth canal. As he drops into your pelvis and presses against the cervix, you may feel some pressure in your lower abdomen. This dropping is known as lightening, a sign that things are headed in the right direction. For you, lightening may make breathing and eating a little easier or walking and sitting more challenging.

Due Dates

Due dates are only approximate and babies rarely arrive exactly when planned. No one knows exactly what triggers labour. Your baby is considered full-term by 37 weeks. Remain as calm as possible in the final weeks of your pregnancy. Conserve your strength for delivery. Prepare meals in advance and get your bag ready for the hospital. Now is an ideal time to explore different feeding options for your newborn.

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