31-35 weeks gestational age

His activity may decrease as he has less space in which to move. He will develop a sleep pattern, which may or may not match yours. He will receive antibodies from you to protect him from illness. His brain is establishing billions of complex connections. He will weigh 4-5 pounds at week 32, and will gain up to 1/2 pound per week this month.

Brain Development

Your baby's brain is advancing rapidly by producing tiny neurons and synapses, which will interconnect to provide him with the skills such as sucking, swallowing and breathing, enabling him to feed as soon as he is born.

Antibodies and Immunity

During the last weeks of pregnancy, you pass along antibodies to your baby in your blood. These will help protect him from many illnesses and infections he may face in the months after birth. This immunity lasts for a few months until he develops his own resistance. Breastfeeding can prolong the immunity by providing your baby with even more antibodies.

Preparation for Delivery

At this point, your baby will gain up to 1/2 pound a week. He is stocking up on calcium, fat, phosphorus and other essential nutrients he will need when he's born. As your baby gets larger and stronger, his movements may feel more pronounced. As such, it may be difficult to sleep. Braxton Hicks contractions (mild contractions of the uterus commonly felt during this time in your pregnancy) might also occur, but it does not mean that you must rush to the hospital. True labour contractions are regular and grow in intensity. Ask your doctor to explain the difference.

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