11-14 weeks gestational age

He is beginning to develop swallowing movements. He is developing ears, eyes, eyebrows and hair. He is developing fingernails, eyelids, genitals, and tooth buds. His receives nourishment from the umbilical cord. His taste buds and inner ears are beginning to develop. He will measure approximately 3 inches long and weigh about an ounce. He may develop hiccups, though you won't feel them yet.

Fetal Development

Your baby's gender can now be discerned, which you may choose to discover at your ultrasound. At this point in your pregnancy, you may feel better, with more energy and less nausea.

Sensory Development

Taste buds, along with early taste perception, continue to develop until approximately week 14. Many of your baby's taste preferences will be influenced by the flavours he is experiencing in your prenatal diet. If you choose to breastfeed, your baby will recognize and be comforted by those flavours in your breast milk. Likewise, his sense of touch continues to develop, with sensitivity starting with his mouth, and spreading quickly to his whole body. Before long, he will become familiar with his own body as well as his environment by brushing up against the uterine wall.

Umbilical Cord and Nutrition

The umbilical cord is a lifeline that joins you to your baby. By 11 to 14 weeks, it is fully formed with two arteries and one vein. The arteries carry waste away from your baby while the vein supplies nourishment to him from the placenta. Your diet during pregnancy is vital to his healthy growth and development. Make sure that you are eating enough healthy, nutrient-rich foods to support his wellbeing.

Foster Healthy Eating Habits Now

Your baby is already developing taste buds in the womb, which means that his future taste preferences will be influenced by the flavours he is experiencing right now in your prenatal diet. Set a good example from the start by providing him with healthy food choices.

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