How to get rid of bad odours from your baby’s clothes:

Watching your baby grow is surely one of the most rewarding experiences of being a mother. When they start eating solid food, pulling themselves up to a seated position or crawling, it’s enough to make any parent smile jump for joy! But we also know that these milestones come with a slew of new lifestyle choices for you and your baby.

The thing is, once babies start crawling, they’re on their hands and knees a lot more, which means more stains, germs, and not-so-pleasant smells. What’s most concerning isn’t the stains on the clothes themselves, but the bacteria their clothes have picked up throughout the day and the lingering bad smells they cause.

We know protecting your baby from harmful bacteria isn’t always easy. Bacteria can spread from one fabric to another in the laundry basket, and from the washing-machine drum to the next load. Some of them can even survive the following wash cycle because detergent alone can’t and won’t eliminate all bacteria. That’s why we’re here to help!

How do you eliminate odour-causing bacteria from your laundry?

Since detergents are made primarily for removing dirt and stains rather than bacteria, we’ve turned to Lysol® to make sure your child is getting clean, fresh clothing every time. Lysol® Laundry Additive is a bleach-free additive specially formulated to eliminate odour-causing bacteria while remaining gentle on most fabrics. And because it doesn’t contain any chlorine bleach, it’s safe to use on whites, colours, and darks! Plus, you can use it in cold water so you can protect your delicate clothes while conserving energy use.

Does Lysol® Laundry Additive work?

Today’s Parent had the same question, so they hired an external lab to perform ASTM Time-Kill tests – the standard for determining if an anti-bacterial product is effective. The lab looked for two bacteria: Klebsiella pneumoniae, a bacteria found in human feces, and Staphylococcus aureus, a staph bacteria that’s carried in the nose of about 30 percent of people. The result? Both bacteria were successfully eliminated using Lysol® Laundry Additive, leaving clothes clean, fresh and smelling great for you and baby. Hooray!


Step 1: Dosing

For standard machines: Fill 2 capfuls to line 1 of the dosing cup.

For HE machines: Fill 2 capfuls to line 2 of the dosing cup.

Step 2: Pour into the machine

Add two capfuls to the fabric softener compartment at the start of laundry cycle. If your machine doesn’t have a fabric softener dispenser, wait for the rinse cycle and add directly to the drum of the machine.

Step 3: Odour-causing bacteria is eliminated in the rinse cycle*

Leave in the rinse cycle for 16 minutes. Clothes come out smelling fresh and clean with odour-causing bacteria eliminated.

*When used as directed.