Communication and Social Development

As your baby’s communication skills improve, he may demand more control over his social interactions. He can vocalize vowel/consonant combinations that resemble words and he is developing his ability to connect words with their meanings, or the sound and the object to which it refers. For example, he may be able to point to his shoe when he hears the word. Encourage alternate forms of communication, such as simple sign language. Wave and shake your head "yes" or "no". If he uses them back, explore further signs to learn together, such as "finished" when he has had enough to eat or "more" if he is still hungry.

Why is Nutrition Important?

Good nutrition is intrinsic to child development and learning. It contributes to increased activity levels, enhanced social interaction, heightened curiosity and overall higher cognitive functioning. Ensure that your growing baby’s diet satisfies his increasing growth and development needs.

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