Communication and Social Development

During these months, you will notice progress in your baby's talking abilities. At this point, most babies start to vocalize more, from stringing together chains of vowel-consonant sounds to combining syllables (babbling). He'll start babbling with adult intonations, forming clear syllables such as "ma-me" (mommy), and imitating how you speak. He's likely to babble when he just wants to talk to you. Your baby can now recognize familiar words (such as his name) and may listen more carefully or respond selectively when he hears them. What's more, he can understand when some words begin and end, leading to his next language milestone - word comprehension.

Why is Nutrition Important?

Proper nutrition promotes healthy cognitive development. Children who are nourished by a healthy, balanced diet are typically more energetic and exhibit greater interest in social environments, which leads to a greater opportunity to learn and grow. Safeguard the health and cognitive development of your child by providing a balanced diet of healthy foods from the four food groups.

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