Communication and Social Development

Comprehension typically comes before the spoken word and your baby may now show a dramatic increase in single word comprehension. Understanding or comprehending words is truly a major developmental milestone because it demonstrates that the baby recognizes that a sound or a word is always associated with a particular thing. For example, if your baby hears you ask “Where is my shoe?”, he can crawl or walk to retrieve the shoe.
The word “no” is an extremely important word in your baby's preliminary vocabulary. While he probably can't say it yet, he certainly understands it. Most babies start expressing “no” by shaking their heads from side to side or by gesturing, such as by flinging the offending object to the floor. Firmly and clearly saying “no” is a good way to set limits for your baby, especially when his safety is concerned.

Why is Nutrition Important?

Nutrition during the early stages of a child’s life is linked to performance in later years. Children who are nourished by a healthy, balanced diet are typically more energetic and exhibit greater interest in social environments, which leads to a greater opportunity to learn and grow. Safeguard the health and cognitive development of your child by providing a balanced diet of healthy foods from the four food groups.

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