Cognitive and Motor Development

Your baby's increasing strength, coordination and stability is leading to a monumental mobility milestone - walking. Practicing walking becomes a primary focus at this stage. Stimulate his gross motor skills and coordination by offering him a push toy, such as a play vacuum or a lawn mower. Even if he’s not walking yet, it will motivate and help him to find his balance.
As you eagerly anticipate your baby's new mobility and achievements, remember that milestones only represent the average age that the average baby accomplishes any given task. Your baby may be cruising from one piece of furniture to another or simply practicing steps while hanging onto your fingers. Perhaps he can sit down from standing. Mastering balance and this level of motor control is challenging, but your baby will do so when he is ready.

Why is Nutrition Important?

In order for your child to successfully reach his developmental milestones, he must draw upon a diet of wholesome, nutrient-rich foods. Solid nutrition provides him with what he needs to satisfy his increasing activity, growth and developmental needs.

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