Before camera phones were an everyday part of our lives, taking photos and planning professional photoshoots were big to-dos. Even though you can now snap a digital shot any time you please, there are still reasons to create and capture picture-perfect moments—like the early days or weeks of your newborn baby’s life. DIY newborn photoshoots are more popular—and easier to do—than ever.

DIY Newborn Baby PhotoShoot Ideas

Whether you want to send professionally printed birth announcements, post pro-looking shots of your bundle of joy on social media, or add preciously posed pics to a baby book, a DIY newborn photoshoot is a great way to capture early pictures of your little cutie. You can use your phone or a standalone digital camera (or something more professional, if you or someone close to you has the equipment and knowhow) and lights and objects around the house, or you can take the show on the road for a location shoot.

Whatever you choose, here are some tips and make-sure points to help you have the most fun with and get the most out of your DIY newborn baby photoshoot:

Explore and Choose Themes

Welcoming baby into your family and introducing them to the world is a big occasion—you may want to match the fanfare with a similarly big theme for your DIY photoshoot.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Iconic baby photos and new-baby scenes:—from celebrities to beloved animated movies, popular culture is full of newborn photoshoot ideas.

  • The season and/or related holidays—fall babies could look mighty cute next to a harvest pumpkin, and summertime bundles of joy could look right at home in a beach blanket setting.

  • Look to your nursery—you’ve probably already chosen a nursery theme and decorated your little one’s room—why not do your shoot in there?

Carefully Plan Poses

While your little one is certainly picture perfect, they aren’t a prop. We’ve all seen fun and fanciful art photography featuring babies in wacky poses on or with silly props—you should not attempt this during your DIY newborn photoshoot. You’d never intentionally hurt your child, but new babies can be easily injured trying to achieve some of the popular poses professionals use.

An insider tip is that most of these poses are achieved via combining two or more separate images with photo editing softwarei.

Make it a Family Affair

There is no rule that says your newborn photoshoot should only be of your newborn. Moms and dads and siblings are all often included in the shoot—there’s no reason not to do this if it’s something that’s important to you and your family.


Do you want to send out a professionally printed birth announcement, or are you planning on creating a large online photo album, or are these pictures only for you and baby? Consider your options and how you’d like to use your photos while you plan what camera to use—and then start looking into printer options and mailing approaches sooner rather than later if that’s the route you want to take.

About Professional Newborn Photoshoots

While it may be tempting to turn over planning and execution of your newborn photoshoot to a professional—and many new parents opt to do so to great results—doing your own DIY newborn photoshoot comes with the benefit of flexibility. You can’t guarantee baby will be happy, bubbly, and camera-ready on the day you book with a professional, which can lead to wasted money and added stress.

If working with a professional photographer is still a better option for your family, these tips will help ease the process:

  • Do thorough research, including looking at portfolios and asking friends you trust who they’ve worked with.

  • Schedule your shoot before your due date. Photographers tend to book shoots far enough in advance that waiting until baby arrives to start making calls will likely mean you’ll miss out on capturing true “newborn” images.

  • Get on the same page with your photographer—about themes, poses, proofs, delivery formats, and, most importantly, safety.

If you worked with a professional photographer you loved for a maternity photoshoot, reach out to them and ask if they also do newborn shoots—you already have a rapport and you know you’ll love the outcome!

Welcoming baby into the world is a joyous occasion—keep that front and center while you plan your DIY newborn baby photoshoot. Making memories and mementos of your little one’s earliest days is something to relish, not stress over!

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