PURAMINO A+ ™ and Nutramigen® A+® are both hypoallergenic, iron-fortified infant formulas. Nutramigen A+ is appropriate for most babies who have food protein allergies, whereas PURAMINO A+ contains non-allergenic amino acids for babies who cannot tolerate an extensively hydrolyzed protein formula (like Nutramigen A+). Both formulas contain DHA and ARA (a type of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fat), nutrients found in breast milk that help support normal brain and eye development. The major difference between PURAMINO A+and Nutramigen A+ is their protein and fat source.

Protein is made up of many amino acids (the building blocks for protein). PURAMINO A+contains 100% amino acids. Nutramigen A+ contains extensively hydrolyzed (or broken down) casein protein and amino acids. (See pictures below).

Routine infant formulas, like Enfamil A+® contain intact or whole proteins.

Infant formulas with partially hydrolyzed protein, like Enfamil A+ Gentlease®, contain protein that is broken down into smaller pieces.

Infant formulas with extensively hydrolyzed protein, like Nutramigen A+, contain protein that is broken down into many tiny pieces.

Infant formulas such as PURAMINO A+contain free amino acids.
Up to 10% of infants with severe cow’s milk or food protein allergies cannot tolerate a formula where the protein has been extensively hydrolyzed, or broken down (i.e. Nutramigen A+). These infants may require a formula that contains free amino acids such as PURAMINO A+.PURAMINO A+ contains MCT oil. Medium chain triglyceride oil is a fat source that is digested and absorbed easier than conventional food fat. MCT oil provides a good source of fat when ordinary fats are poorly digested. Nutramigen A+ does not contain MCT oil.