Nutramigen A+ with LGG

Nutramigen® A+® with LGG®

When it comes to cow's milk allergy, that smile of fast relief * can last a lifetime.

For Stages:
  • Tummy Troubles

    Birth +

  • Allergy

    Birth +

This hypoallergenic formula has been clinically proven to reduce colic due to cow’s milk protein allergy quickly, often within 48 hours*1,2.


And it now has LGG® culture, a friendly bacteria that’s been extensively studied for dietary allergy management — which is a real plus for your baby.

Nutramigen A+ with LGG can also offer additional benefits for dietary allergy management. Ask your baby’s doctor for all the good news.

Nutramigen A+ with LGG can be purchased in stores, online or through your pharmacist. You may make your purchase online at,, London Drugs and the Specialty Food Shop.

Alternatively, simply call or visit your pharmacy and provide the following bar code and item number:


Nutramigen A+ with LGG infant formula may be available through provincial drug benefits programs. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if you qualify for Alberta Blue Cross, Ontario Drug Benefit Program, Regie de l'assurance Maladie du Quebec or the Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living Program.

* Clinically proven to settle colic symptoms often within 48 hours
† Due to cow's milk protein allergy
‡ Studied before the addition of LGG culture, DHA and ARA
§ than Nutramigen A+
1. Lothe L, et al. Pediatrics. 1989; 83: 262-266.
2. Lothe L, et al. Pediatrics. 1982; 70:7-10.
3. Canani RB et al. J Pediatrics 2013;163:771-777.
LGG is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S


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