Wondering about the nutrition your baby will receive from formula?

Feeding your baby both breast milk and formula is also known as mixed feeding, combination feeding, or partial breastfeeding.

Decades of research and scientific advancements mean that, today’s infant formulas are closer to breast milk than ever before. They contain nutrients your baby needs to grow and thrive. Not only do formulas contain nutrients found in mothers breast milk, they also contain needed nutrients that are added in recommended amounts necessary to foster growth and development.

It is important to always consult your doctor when considering formula feeding. They will be able to recommend the correct formula for your baby.

When it comes to feeding your baby, breast milk and formula can make a good combination. Recent consumer studies show that 9 out of every 10 new mothers use formula at some point during their baby’s first year—including as a supplement to breast milk.

Once breastfeeding is well-established, some Moms find that giving an occasional bottle of formula provides welcome flexibility. Supplementing with formula also allows you to leave your baby with a family member or a sitter while you have a little down time.

After my second son was born, the sleepless nights and busy days caring for two little ones left me beyond exhausted. I decided to start supplementing with formula after discussing the options with our pediatrician.


Formula can be especially freeing for Moms who have trouble pumping. Not being able to produce enough milk for their growing little one can be especially stressful. Mothers want to be able to provide the best care for their baby. Constant exhaustion combined with a newfound feeling of inadequacy (not being able to provide enough milk for their baby) can have a less than positive effect on the mother.

Many moms have to return to work when their maternity leave is over or even sooner. They find great relief knowing that they can safely supplement feed and know that their precious little one is still getting all of their required nutrients.

Here are some supplementing tips that could be helpful to know:

  • If you choose to supplement with formula, it is suggested to start once your milk supply is well established. Learn how
  • Replacing some feedings with formula won’t stop your breast milk production. You cannot stop producing breast milk overnight. This allows you to feed your baby formula in addition to breast milk.

When the time comes to consider formula feeding, always consult with your baby’s doctor. They will be able to recommend the best formula for your baby’s nutritional needs and ways to maintain your breast milk supply.

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