What to Eat When Pregnant Episode 7
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welcome back to amazing milestones my name's Tara and I am your host and today's episode is all about food my favorite subject we're going to talk about what you should eat what you shouldn't need to how much you should eat and how to eat a balanced diet during pregnancy the literature on prenatal nutrition is far-reaching and the list of nutrients that a pregnant or nursing mama requires is very very long so I would like to know what I need to eat in order to provide balanced nutrition for my baby and today I'm gonna go meet with dr. Cynthia gut boo and she's gonna talk to us about proper nutrition during pregnancy I have to admit since I found out I was pregnant I started watching a lot more what I'm eating you know what I should eat what I shouldn't eat has become a big rock you patient so I'm curious to know what nutrients do I need more of during my pregnancy it's not that complicated you just have to pay attention to the Canadian food guide so let's start with the fruits and vegetable that's easy to add to your diet you think of a side salad you can do a smoothie in the afternoon some fruit at breakfast it's easy to go and get your 7 to 8 servings for the cereal I would prefer some old grain like spelt whole wheat brown rice avoid the white as much as possible for the protein meat as a given we know we have to eat meat but don't forget the eggs the nuts the fish something like canned tuna or salmon mackerel shrimp great source of DHA and Omega it's good for the eyes and the brain of the baby for the milk products we know it's a good source of calcium sometimes you don't really crave it when you're pregnant so once you've done the milk yogurt cheese think of ice cream but after that we can go with the chickpeas dark leafy green vegetables almonds tofu so yeah and you can even have orange juice now that is fortified with calcium that's really interesting because I wouldn't have thought chickpeas or tofu when it comes to kalsye so that's good to know and I find that I'm hungrier obviously especially actually since I've entered my third trimester so how much more food should I be eating that's a very good question you know we often hear this expression eat for two but that doesn't mean double the quantity means the bold of quality we actually just need 350 to 450 calorie more when we're pregnant per day so that's a snack and we want a healthy baby at the end of healthy mommy so 25 to 35 pounds weight gain is our aim and how much more should we be drinking well you might be thirsty err but the actual ml there's six to eight glasses of water per day and once you have that quantity you add to that some some juices milk or tea you can even have a coffee once in a while and our other foods that we should just be avoiding completely well we just talked about drinking there's no quantity of alcohol that I can recommend to you it's absolutely zero I would also try to avoid like cheeses made with pasture I unpasteurized milk and cold cut so here goes the sandwich source of Listeria all these things and think about avoiding also deepwater fish like sharks and tuna they are loaded with mercury and I would prefer if you cook your food like avoid raw or undercooked fish and meat so avoid sushi and lastly a question that I think a lot of pregnant women are wondering about do we need a supplement during pregnancy well as we just said try to eat your best but it's hard to eat well for the whole nine-months everyday so I recommend to all my patient to add a prenatal vitamin that you would take every day I would round up if it one day they eat less good well I thank you based on your answers I feel like I'm on the right track so I'm proud of myself I appreciate you should be good luck to you thank you and there you have it just what expectant mothers require in order to promote their baby's development as well as maintain their own health and that's all for today's episode next time we are gonna get some tips on what and how to pack for the hospital so see you then

What to Eat When Pregnant Episode 7

This episode of Amazing Milestones is all about what to eat when pregnant. Join Tara and Dr. Cynthia Godbout as they discuss what foods to eat during pregnancy, what foods not to eat and the essential nutrients you need in your diet nowadays. Here are some tasty tidbits to look forward to when you watch the video:

What to Eat When Pregnant: Video Highlights

  • As the saying goes, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!†Be sure to eat your fruits and veggies to help maintain a balanced pregnancy diet.
  • Choose whole grains over foods like white rice and white bread. Whole grains are high in fibre, which is beneficial during pregnancy.
  • Protein is a must. In particular, focus on incorporating fatty fish like salmon and mackerel into your diet. Fatty fish is rich in DHA and Omega-3s, which help support the normal development of your baby’s eyes and brain.
  • Get your calcium. In addition to milk, you can get calcium from foods like chickpeas, leafy greens and even tofu.
  • Double the quality, not the quantity. Pregnant women only need around 350-400 calories more per day compared to non-pregnant women. Add a nutritious snack to your day to fill the gap!
  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water during pregnancy. You can also enjoy milk.
  • Do supplement with a prenatal vitamin.
  • Don’t consume alcohol, fish with high mercury levels or unpasteurized dairy, all of which can be harmful to your pregnancy

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