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Read up on what causes food cravings during pregnancy and what you can do to manage them.

Cravings are a normal part of pregnancy. Doctors believe that food cravings may be the result of hormonal changes that can heighten your sense of smell and​ alter your perce​ption of taste.



Does everyone crave fries and chocolate?


Not exactly. But most pregnant women report craving unusual combinations. Generally things like sweets, fruits, fruit juices, sour fruits, salty or spicy foods, bland foods, and crunchy or chewy foods.


Why can't I stand the sight of my favourite foods these days?


Your changing hormones can also change your perception of smell and taste, which can bring on food aversions. If you have an aversion to a healthy food, try substituting another one that has the same nutrients. Find Out What Foods Have the Nutrients You Need


Why do I suddenly have a heightened sense of smell?


Hormones can cause strong smells, like brewing coffee or perfumes, to bother you more now, or even make you feel queasy. Find Some Tips To Help With Nausea


Is there a way to manage your cravings?


By choosing foods that will satisfy your appetite while serving up important nutrients, you can likely manage your cravings. For example, if you enjoy sweet tastes, try strawberries or orange sections dipped in chocolate. Or if you are craving salty foods, try roasted sweet potato fries with a sprinkle of salt. If your cravings leave you hungry all the time, you may want to start eating smaller, more frequent meals. Consume adequate amounts of water as well as fibre-rich foods to help yourself feel full. It's extremely important that you do not skip breakfast as it can lead to stronger cravings later in the day.