Believe it or not, your pregnancy will go by in a flash—what portions of it will you want to remember? While not a new idea, maternity photoshoots are more popular than ever thanks to the digital world in which we live. You may be looking for beautiful baby bump photographs for the family album, or playful pics for a pregnancy announcement. You have plenty of options from which to choose while you organize your pregnancy photoshoot ideas.

DIY Maternity PhotoShoot Ideas

If you (and your partner, or friends, or family) are a fan of DIY projects or you fancy yourself a photographer, you may decide that you want to put your own maternity photoshoot ideas to work in an at-home photoshoot. Here are some ideas and tips to jumpstart your pregnancy photoshoot planning:

  • Consider themes. Is there something you really love and want to incorporate into your photos? A hobby that you and your partner (or whole family) enjoy that you’re excited to introduce your little one to? Use these for maternity photoshoot theme ideas for locations, clothing, set dressing and more. Here are some topics to consider:

    • The cultures in which your family has roots

    • Hometowns, or where you’ve decided to raise your family

    • Where you and your partner met

    • Something related to baby’s name (if you’ve chosen it already)

    • Seasonal or holiday themes related to baby’s expected due date

    • The theme or color scheme of the nursery you’ve begun decorating for baby

  • Pick your poses. Your body is rapidly changing while baby grows, and your expanding belly will likely be the star—how do you put your best belly forward while looking and feeling your best? Practice some poses in the mirror to see what looks and feels good to you, explore other maternity photos for ideas that hadn’t occurred to you initially, and pick a maternity outfit that you feel great in.

  • And baby makes three (or four, or…). There aren’t any rules about who you should or shouldn’t include in your maternity photoshoot other than the expecting mom. Including your partner is a common (and sweet) approach but going solo is OK too! Have other little ones? Including them in your pregnancy photoshoot ideas may help them stay (or become) excited about their forthcoming sibling.

  • To share or not to share? Pregnancy announcements are popular, and so is including a photo of the growing baby belly with that announcement. But neither are required of expecting moms. It’s absolutely OK to take pregnancy photos that are just for you and your partner, keepsakes for the baby book. Whether or not you choose to share your maternity photos widely, you’ll want to consider whether or not you need to have them printed—and then start looking into printer options and mailing approaches.

About Professional Maternity Photoshoots

With all of the planning (and shopping, and nesting, and doctor appointments) that you’re handling while you prepare for baby, the idea of undertaking a DIY project maybe be overwhelming. In that case, you may want to let a professional photographer handle your pregnancy pictures and announcements. Here are some make-sure points to keep in mind while you choose your photographer and start collaborating on your maternity photoshoot ideas:

  • Don’t wait! Since you’re trading the schedule flexibility of a DIY shoot for the ease of letting a professional handle everything, you’ll want to start looking for a photographer a few months ahead of your shoot. Start doing your maternity photographer research near the end of your first trimester.

  • Do your research. Speaking of research, you’ll want to look for photographers that specialize in maternity photoshoots. They’ll have great ideas for locations and poses and know how to accentuate the positive (your expanding baby bump) and downplay the areas that you’re not too keen to remember (your other expanding areas).

  • Find a good fit. Just because a photographer is in your area, has availability, and specializes in maternity photoshoot, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good fit for your maternity photo ideas and goals. Check out the photographer’s portfolio—are their previous shoots similar to what you’re looking for? When you speak with them, do they make you feel comfortable and excited, or are they off-putting? A good fit with your photographer is key to capturing your pregnancy picture memories effectively.

  • Know what is and isn’t possible. Do you want your photos digitally or do you want prints? How about pregnancy announcements—and do you need those mailed? How much (if any) color correction or editing will your photographer be doing? Will you get to choose your shots from proofs? Will you get to keep all the proofs? Will you receive full digital files for usage and editing later? These are all good questions to keep in mind and ask, depending on your needs.

Pregnancy can be stressful, but it can also be beautiful—make sure you remember the beautiful parts by creating photo keepsakes while you’re waiting for baby to arrive.

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