Enfamil A+ Soy

Enfamil A+® Soy Baby Formula

Designed for babies who need a milk-free soy based formula due to health or cultural reasons

For Stages:
  • Tummy Troubles

    Birth +


Complete milk-free nutrition for your baby

Enfamil A+ Soy:
  • Is milk-free
  • Is lactose-free
  • Contains DHA, a type of Omega-3 fat and an important building block of the brain

Enfamil A+ Soy is part of Enfamil A+ Solutions™: a complete line of formulas expertly formulated for the dietary management of common feeding issues.

Breast feeding is best for babies and is preferred whenever possible.

* MJN calculation using Nielsen MarketTrack, DHA segment; Total Infant Formula Market.

Enfamil A+ Soy

Available Formats

Busy Toddler Brain

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Baby Formula Calculator

Baby Formula Calculator

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