Formula Calculator

Not sure how much formula you’ll need? Try our Formula Calculator to find out how much Enfamil A+® formula your baby will likely need for an extended period of time. That way, you can stock up when baby arrives, or find out how much formula you’ll need.

Infant Formula and Toddler Drink Comparison Chart

With so many options, it’s hard to decide exactly which formula may be more suitable for your baby. Explore the different types with our Infant Formula and Toddler Drink Comparison Chart. Explore the different baby nutrition options, from newborn to toddler years.

Stool Colour Chart

Your baby’s digestive tract grows right along with the rest of their bodies. That means you’ll be seeing a variety of colors and consistencies depending on what they eat and how they’re developing. Use our Stool Colour Chart to find out what different bowel movements mean.

Product Finder

Use our interactive Product Finder to discover the right products for your child. Select your baby’s age, any kind of post-feeding experiences, and your own feeding goals for baby, and you’ll receive recommendations for formula or toddler nutritional drinks.


Feeding Guide

From portions to food sizes, our Baby Feeding Guide features information about what to feed your baby. No matter how you choose to feed your child, whether breast milk, infant formula, or both, we have recommendations for feeding at every step.

Join My Family BeginningsTM by Enfamil A+

Join My Family BeginningTM by Enfamil A+

Join My Family BeginningsTM by Enfamil A+®