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Your toddler’s
brain is still

Your toddler’s brain is at the
centre of their cognitive,
behavioural, emotional and
physical development.

The brain does
more than you think

It guides how well your toddler

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DHA supports brain development.

You’ve probably heard that DHA is an important nutrient throughout pregnancy and infancy. But did you know it also supports the fast-growing toddler brain?

Studies suggest that Canadian toddlers may not be getting expert-recommended amounts of DHA.*

Now’s an important time to offer your toddler DHA-rich foods like salmon, mackerel, and Omega-3 enriched eggs, because DHA helps support brain development. Even then, if you can get them to eat these foods—it might not be enough.

*Global experts recommend 70-100 mg DHA/day


Support overall growth with DHA + key nutrients


Enfagrow A+® toddler nutritional drink contains expert-recommended brain-building DHA, plus 25 key nutrients that nourish your toddler’s overall growth . That includes iron, calcium, vitamins C and D, protein, and a unique fibre blend.

Similar to other elements in a healthy balanced diet

Top nutrients in our
Enfagrow A+ toddler drink

Brain-Building DHA

Supports brain development

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Helps build red blood cells and
supports normal cognitive

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Helps support strong,
healthy bones.

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Vitamin D

Helps build and maintain
strong bones.

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Vitamin C

Helps with wound healing and
supports cellular health.

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Helps support brain building and overall
normal growth and development. It also
helps build and repair body tissue.

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Helps support beneficial
bacteria in the gut§.

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Fuel your toddler’s brain with DHA

85% of brain development happens during your toddler’s first three years.

Enfagrow A+® is made with expert-recommended DHA—an important nutrient that fuels the fast-growing toddler brain.

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§Enfagrow A+ has a fibre blend. Fibre can help promote good bacteria. Good bacteria help support the immune system.

There’s an easier way to provide nutrition you can trust


Enfagrow A+ is recommended by doctors and the #1 choice of moms. Try adding a toddler nutritional drink with brain-building DHA to your toddler’s daily diet now so you can feel good knowing you’re helping to support their brain development.

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