Toy Chase
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Hello, and welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series. Ideal for babies at 8 months, “Toy Chase” is a game that helps develop motor skills. Let’s go over what makes this activity so beneficial. It helps develop trunk control and balance. It boosts bonding and self-confidence. Let’s begin! Start by seating your baby on the bed or the floor, and sitting next to them. Now, grab their favourite toy and show it to them from different directions Your little one will start learning forward, turning their body, and using their hands to reach for the toy. You’ll see how much fun it’ll be for your baby! This activity will help them develop body coordination and balance, and turn going after their toy into an exciting adventure. Find more fun, stimulating games for your child at

Toy Chase

This game helps to develop trunk control and balance at 8 months. It also boosts bonding and self-confidence!

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