That’s My Toy
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Hello, and welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series. Ideal for babies at 6 months, “That’s My Toy” is a game that promotes cognitive skill development. Here’s why it’s beneficial for your child: It helps them learn about object cause and effect relationships. It teaches them how to locate objects following their path and sound. It strengthens the parent-child bond. It boosts their self-esteem. Let’s begin! Start by laying your baby down on a table. Hold them securely by the waist. Grab their favourite toy and start moving it to one side, and then moving it down. Your little one should quickly follow the toy’s path in movement. Repeat the exercise, moving the toy down on the other side. The more they practice, the easier it will get for your child to focus on following objects. Find more development-focused games for your child at

That’s My Toy

This is a game that promotes cognitive skill development at 6 months. This activity helps to develop the learning of the cause-effect relationship of your baby. It will also favour locating objects by following their path and sound. It also strengthens the parent-child bond, and boosts the child’s self-esteem.

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