My Toy and Me
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In this episode of the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series, we’re playing “My Toy and Me”, a game that helps boost motor skill development for babies at 8 months. Here’s why this game is so great: It promotes body movement and rotation, helps develop their posture and balance, encourages them to explore their environment, and works on their visual ability, develops the parent-child bond, and boosts their self-confidence. Alright, let's begin. Put your baby on the floor and sit next to them or have the baby on your lap. Now, bring their favourite toy to one side of their body, just out of their reach. Your little one should start moving their weight onto one hip and lean on one of their hands, trying to grab the toy with the other. Repeat the exercise several times, moving the toy from one side to the other. Bring the toy to the other side, encouraging your child to turn their body, shift their weight, and lean on their hand to try to catch it. Do the exercise again on the opposite side. This activity will help stimulate your child’s movements and boost their confidence to move toward their favourite objects! Find more development-friendly games to try with your child at

My Toy and Me

This activity helps to boost motor skill development, rotation, while developing your 8 months baby’s posture and balance. It also encourages them to explore their environment and work on their visual ability.

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