My Handkerchief
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Hello, and welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series. “My Handkerchief†is a game that encourages cognitive skill development for babies at 9 months. This activity provides many benefits, such as: encouraging using intermediaries to an end, helping develop short-term memory, encouraging problem solving, and strengthening bonding and self-esteem. Ready? Let’s start. Begin by seating your baby on a bed or holding them in your arms. Place a handkerchief close to your little one. Then, add a toy near the edge of the handkerchief, making sure it’s out of reach. Your little one will need to pull on the handkerchief to bring the toy closer before they can grab it. Repeat the exercise several times. This activity will stimulate their brain and develop their problem-solving abilities, helping them gain self-confidence in a simple, fun way. Looking for more development-boosting games for your child? Visit

My Handkerchief

This game encourages the cognitive skill development of your 9 months old baby by encouraging problem solving to achieve their goal.

Brought to you by Enfamil A+ 2, our next step for your growing baby with DHA, an important building block of the brain and formulated with age appropriate levels of calcium, iron and protein.