Mirror Mirror
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Hello, and welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series. Ideal for babies at 6 months, “Mirror, Mirror” is a game that helps develop your child’s social skills. Let’s go over what makes this activity so beneficial. It promotes exploring reflective objects using their hands and mouth. It strengthens emotional bonding. Let’s begin! Start by seating your baby on your lap, holding them by the waist.Grab a small unbreakable mirror and place it with the reflective side facing them. At first, your little one won’t understand how the mirror works. But they will explore the reflection, touching the mirror with their hands and turning it, maybe even bringing it to their mouth. Repeat the exercise a few times. As they practice, your little one will start to explore their reflection with more enthusiasm and confidence. Looking for more development-boosting games for your child? Visit Enfamil.ca.

Mirror Mirror

This activity helps to develop your baby’s social skills at 6 months. It encourages exploring reflective objects using their hands and mouth. It also strengthens their emotional bonding with you. Make sure the mirror that you are giving your infant is not breakable and that there are no chips or cracks.

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