Getting to Know my Toys
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Hello, and welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series. Ideal for babies at 7 months, “Getting to Know My Toys” is a game that helps develop your baby’s motor skills. How is this activity beneficial? It develops balance and dexterity in both hands. It encourages your child to imitate simple gestures. It strengthens your bond and promotes communication. Ready to start? Sit down facing your baby. Choose two toys to give to them and place one in each of their hands. Then, pick up two more toys for yourself, again, holding one in each hand. Now, bang your toys together, encouraging your little one to do the same. You can also give your child a single toy and let them experiment with it on their own. They will pass it from one hand to the other, discovering it with their eyes, hands, and mouth. Finally, show your baby a toy and bring it beside them. This will encourage them to turn their head, moving their arms separately from their legs. Repeat the exercise, moving the toy to the other side. This activity will encourage your little one to move their trunk and waist, and use their hands to catch their favourite toys. Find more development-focused games for your child at

Getting to Know my Toys

This game helps to develop your 7 months baby’s motor skills by working on balance and dexterity in both hands. It encourages your child to imitate simple gestures, and strengthens your bond and communication.

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