Get Up and Play
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In this episode of the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series, we’re playing a motor skill development game called “Get Up and Play”. How does this activity benefit your child? It promotes transitioning between movements and positions, like going from crawling to standing upright. It encourages exploring the environment from higher up. It helps develop their visual abilities, bonding, and self-esteem. Ready to start? Begin by seating your baby on a surface where it is safe to move around. Place yourself near them. Now, show them a toy and hold it near a surface they can grab onto. Your child’s mission: kneel, straighten their body, lean on the surface, and reach for the toy. Then, place the toy to the side or higher above them. Your little one should start turning in the right direction to move toward the toy again. Repeat the exercise several times. Don’t forget to encourage and praise your baby for their achievements throughout the activity! This game will help them learn to explore their environment and lift their body, all while stimulating their desire to learn and having fun. Find more development-focused games for your child at

Get Up and Play

This activity encourages your child to work on their motor skill development at 9 months. It helps to transition between movements and positions, and it encourages them to explore their environment from higher up. It also develops their visual abilities, bonding, and self-esteem.

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