Discovering my body
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Hello, and welcome to the Enfamil A+ 2 Learn and Grow for Growing babies series! “Discovering My Body†is a game designed to boost cognitive skil ls in babies at 10 months. Here’s why it’s beneficial for your child: It promotes recognition and awareness of their own body. It favours social-emotional development and bonding through gestures. It provides a pleasant auditory experience. Ready to start the game? Begin by seating your baby on the floor or holding them in your arms. Now, start to sing a simple song, about their various body parts. Accompany the song with a fun gesture for each body part being named: the mouth, the nose, the eyes, the tummy, and so on. Praise your little one at the end of the song and congratulate them with a hug and kiss. It’s important to cheer them on! Little by little, your child will get to know their body and how wonderful it is. Find more development-focused games for your child at

Discovering my body

This activity is a fun way to boost your baby’s cognitive skills by promoting recognition and awareness of their own body at 10 months. It also favours social-emotional development and bonding through gestures with a pleasant auditory experience.

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