Toddler Tips: Engaging Routines to Help Toddlers Learn
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By the first year, connections in the prefrontal cortex begin rapidly increasing. This area of the brain is where organization skills and goal-directed behavior take shape. It is a great time to incorporate some engaging routines to help develop the skills essential for their grown-up lives. In terms of language, ensure your toddler's receptive to a constant flow of talking, and not simply from the television or computer. Also, take the time to ensure they understand the meaning of words. So pointing to the object you're referring to is a great way to help them make the connection. As for coordination, interact with your child in a way that helps them understand how objects relate to one another. Feeding time is a really great opportunity to show them how certain utensils perform certain functions. Watching your toddler come into their own is an exciting milestone. With increased communication and coordination skills, a whole new chapter of bonding begins.

Toddler Tips: Engaging Routines to Help Toddlers Learn

Welcome to Enfagrow A+ Toddler Tips! A new video series designed to provide you with advice and pertinent information about life with your toddler.

Communication and social development occur almost at lightening speed. In this episode we give some examples of simple activities to help you encourage and mold this development.