Nutritious Snacks for Toddlers
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When it comes to your child's nutrition, one of the best references is Canada's Food Guide. Use it as a smart reference and stick to the tried and tested food groups IT outlines. Here are a few snacking examples that should help satisfy your toddler. Grain products, whole grain bread, pasta, crackers, or cereal. Fruit and veggies, applesauce, or other fruit purees, fruit cups without added sugar, and fresh cut up fruits, or vegetables with dip. Dairy, cheese, milk, and yogurt should help keep their bones growing strong. Proteins, meat, fish, or poultry, or tofu will do the trick. But also incorporate foods rich in DHA such as salmon or DHA enriched eggs to help support your toddler's normal physical brain development. Keeping them well nourished with wholesome nutrient rich food is a lot easier than you think.

Nutritious Snacks for Toddlers

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When it comes to your child’s nutrition, one of the best references is Canada’s food guide. In this episode we give some great ideas for nutritious snacks for toddlers.

Be sure to click here for the latest Canada's Food Guide.