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By 15 months, your toddler generally has a vocabulary of roughly five words. And may understand the meaning of up to about 70. At 18 months, your toddler's vocabulary may extend to 20 words. Now, during these stages try to talk to them at their level. Listen and encourage healthy back and forth communication. Activities such as story time, hide and seek, and joining them in playtime with their favorite toys are really great ways to encourage talking. Another easy tip is to help your child understand how all these words they're learning fit into sentences. So for instance, if your child gives you a single word request, like milk, or toy. You can respond by saying something like, would you like me to give you your toy to play with. Communication, and social development occur at almost lightning speed. But these activities as simple as they seem, can really help to encourage and mold it.

Toddler Tips: Activities for Teaching Your Toddler | Enfamil Canada

Welcome to Enfagrow A+ Toddler Tips! A new video series designed to provide you with advice and pertinent information about life with your toddler.

This episode explores how toddlers come into their own. We explain some activities you can practice to help encourage your toddler's language and coordination skills.