Emotional & Social Activities for Toddlers
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favorite things give toddlers an important sense of security why because they always know what to expect favorites there's comfort in familiarity

Emotional & Social Activities for Toddlers


Spend time together.

You are still her favourite role model.

Establish a routine.

She can find comfort in the familiar, though you can vary it a little on special occasions.

Hold her when she's upset.

Speak calmly and quietly until the storm passes.

Share her emotions.

Let her see you happy or sad when she is. This will help her build empathy.

Be patient with regressive behavior.

Treat this one with patience, and try to understand where it's coming from.

Work with words.

Say the words for objects you see every day. Encourage her to say them back.

Read as often as you can.

Start with predictable stories, so she can “read” them too.

Use the mirror.

Let her make faces and name her body parts.

Walk the neighborhood.

Talk about what you see.


Set a good example with snacks, toys or books.